Kevin Baker is an innovator, architect of culture and forward thinker. My expertise is providing multiple services in the music, media, entertainment and data marketing business. I’ve successfully created custom content such as music, video, photo and editorials across multiple digital platforms.

  • Photography
  • Videography
  • E-Commerce Set up
  • Artist & Business Management
  • Content Creation
  • Copyright & Trademark
  • Live Streaming
  • Recording Studio Engineering
  • Event Coordination

Specializing in optimizing marketing campaigns by using the latest audience data technology.

  • Benchmark Report: Compare your current marketing strategy with industry best practices. This report will help you uncover new opportunities and point out tactical inefficiencies.
  • Programmatic: Execute performance-based audience campaigns with our consolidated and transparent buying platform. Access all the top ad exchanges or launch a private marketplace (PMP).
  • Email Marketing: Develop and execute email campaigns that target audiences with a relevant message and offer. We offer access to premium databases of opt-in users.
  • Campaign Management: Offload your paid search and paid social media campaigns to us. We have experience with; Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Spotify.
  • Reporting & Analytics: Get a complete view of all your marketing campaigns to see what’s working the best and optimize media spend.
  • Design & Development: Spin-out landing pages or complete digital products that engage users and collect online/offline data.