ImKevinBaker employees are masters of their craft. We are innovators, architects of culture, experts and forward thinkers led by Kevin Baker. We demand excellence because we pride ourselves on the quality of our content and the authenticity of our brand. Every day at ImKevinBaker is a new experience because we are redefining what it is to be a multicultural media brand. We have an astounding list of clientele, extending from established media brands to the largest music labels in the world.

Building your dream has to start with a TEAM!

Whether you are a beginning entrepreneur or vet, building a solid team for your brand is KEY. Specially a social media team that’s capturing content. Being in the age of information it’s critical to have a timely professional videographer/photographer/influencer to help you push out great content and get that content to the right people. “Kevo” has been a major part of me being able to do just that!

Leon Joshua Nunn